Health Concierge

Your personal Dedicated Health Concierge will facilitate, and strive to be the focal point of, all your and your family’s healthcare requirements. Whether conducting research to identify the right specialist and hospital, arranging an ambulance, medicines and/or diagnostic tests, booking a doctor’s appointment, managing health records, or simply providing professional support at a difficult moment, your Health Concierge will cater to all your healthcare needs.

Why choose Doctall?

Doctall’s Health Concierge service provides a further premium Value Addition of regular Doctall Doctor Home Visits. Receive a home visit from a Doctall Doctor to personally review each family member on your Plan, as per the frequency below;

Bronze: Once a year
Silver: Once a quarter (every three months)
Gold: Once a month

The first Doctall Doctor Home Visit will be scheduled at the commencement of your Plan.


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