Health Companion

By regularly spending quality time with Loved Ones over a lengthy video or voice call, a dedicated Doctall Health Companion can connect with a Loved One and develop a healthy and beneficial engagement. This one-to-one personalised engagement provides the Loved One with much needed attention, companionship and reassurance, bolstering mental and emotional well-being, addressing issues such as loneliness and depression, amongst others.

The Family Guardian receives a Report after each interaction detailing the call summary and highlighting issues, if any, that may need further monitoring or intervention. Each Doctall Health Companion is a trusted and specialist Registered Nurse trained in Community Health & Welfare.

Why choose Doctall?

Doctall’s Health Concierge service provides a further premium Value Addition of regular Doctall Doctor Home Visits. Receive a home visit from a Doctall Doctor to personally review each family member on your Plan, as per the frequency below;

Bronze: Once a year
Silver: Once a quarter (every three months)
Gold: Once a month

The first Doctall Doctor Home Visit will be scheduled at the commencement of your Plan.


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