Health Check

A health check is a comprehensive medical assessment that helps identify any potential health issues and provides insight into your overall health status. At our health check facility, we offer a range of services designed to help you take control of your health and live your best life.

About Health Check

Aging gracefully requires adequate health monitoring. 

We provide in-home health monitoring services to elderly persons and those with mobility challenges. Nurses and trained caregivers will deliver this service to ensure your loved one remains healthy while recovering or as they age 


Health Monitoring – Keep tabs on vitals like blood pressure, sugar levels, heart rate, temperature, etc and report changes to the supervising doctor 

Medication Reminders – Caregiver will handle medication reminders and monitor dosage 

Hygiene – Keep the house clean and free from contamination to prevent further illness 

Ambulation – Assist with walking, standing, and moving around for patients who have a mobility challenge due to accident or age 

Assistance in ADL (Activities of Daily Living) -A trained caregiver will handle Activities of Daily Living (ADL) like feeding, bathing, toileting, moving & handling, clients’ laundry, and so on. 

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